Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jet Tec R-52 Refill Kits Jet Tec R Number Meaning ?

Jet Tec R number meaning ? - jet tec r-52 refill kits

Hello everyone, Who knows what the "R's" the number on the Ink Jet Tec? R46-made ink cartridges seem to block, but the bottles R21 fantastic job, I can not find what they really?

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  1. Quite the question.

    A little-known trade secret. Basically, the numbers are given to change the viscosity of the ink can be distinguished, I am quite surprised that the printer works on the use of these different types of ink. Be careful with this kind of universal ink, because there is no such thing. Each cartridge printer spits out different colors with different settings if you have the fillings, or advice on good authority, the ink used in the printer. The "R" symbolizes tec inkjet replacement.