Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeast Infection Double Vision Are Depression And Vision Problems Related?

Are depression and vision problems related? - yeast infection double vision

I'm having trouble seeing your floater in my right eye through the field of vision, halos around lights, difficulty in distinguishing shades of color, especially at night, burning eyes, dizziness when I moved pictures. Basically, my vision is still, as if someone had tried to blind me with light minutes. I also have problems with balance, left nipple discharge, yeast infection, Candida, the pressure in the nose, throat tightness, pain, upper back, trying to move in the right arm, the head moves to the right, terrible headaches, more swelling, nausea, inability to concentrate at all, hot flashes and spasms throughout the body. I'm still incredibly TIRR and breathless after climbing stairs. What happened to the 4 last month. It started suddenly with an attacksoluble in the vision that lasted over an hour - 100% uncorrected vision after incredible fatigue. I'm 23, female, and it killed my plans for life to go - for teachers. Help me please.

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